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Guidelines for Selling Your Costa Del Sol Property Effectively


Achieving a swift sale at an attractive price often hinges on the initial impression your property makes. Here are some budget-friendly strategies to enhance its appeal:

  • Ensure the house is decluttered and tidy for every viewing.
  • Freshen up any areas that could benefit from a coat of paint.
  • Maintain clean windows and open blinds or curtains to let in ample natural light.
  • Ventilating the property with fresh air by opening a few windows is a good practice.
  • Address those minor repair tasks you’ve been postponing.
  • Keep the lawn neatly trimmed and the swimming pool in pristine condition.

Financial Considerations

Selling your property in Costa Del Sol involves certain expenses. The following are crucial for the Spanish market, but keep in mind these can vary by region, so consulting a local attorney is wise:

  • Agency Fees: Clarify the costs your real estate agent will charge for selling your property, including any extra fees.
  • Legal Fees: Utilizing a lawyer for the property sale is recommended. Confirm their charges upfront.
  • Taxes: Be informed about the taxes involved in selling your property, such as Capital Gains Tax and Plusvalia. Your lawyer can provide guidance on these expenses.

Selling from Afar

Wondering how to sell your Spanish property while living elsewhere? Our key holding service simplifies this process. We securely store all keys and ensure a Pardalis Estates certified staff member is present for viewings, collaborating with agencies, and guarantee the property is left in its original state.

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