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Sell your costa del sol property


We never ask for exclusivity but it does come with some financial advantages and offers. Contact us now for more details on our current offers.

What we offer

Free consultation and visit to discuss current market conditions and the best sales strategy to suit you.

High quality digital images taken with professional camera equipment.

Fully qualified clients from the UK, Spain, Europe, Scandinavia and beyond.

Our MLS system currently shares our properties to over 1000 offices making your property visible world wide.

We operate a NO SALE - NO FEE policy.

As our client we will always negotiate to maximize the sale value of your property.

Comprehensive international and local advertising guaranteeing maximum exposure. An example can be seen here at one of Europes leading property search portals.

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Advice on the best way to sell your Costa Del Sol property


When selling your home it is often the case that first impressions have a big role to play in achieving a quick sale at a great price. Below are some cost effective tips on how to achieve just that.

Make sure that your house is free from clutter and always kept tidy for viewings.

Consider decorating areas that need it.

Keep the windows clean and open as many blinds or curtains as possible to achieve maximum light in the property. It´s also not a bd idea to open a couple to allow some fresh air in to the property.

Think about all those small jobs you keep promising to do and actually do them.

Keep the grass cut and make sure the pool is in tip top condition.


When you sell your Costa del sol property you will have certain costs to consider. Below are some of the most important in Spain. These differ from region to region so it is always best to ask a local lawyer.

Agency fees. Make sure that you are clear on what fees your estate agent will be charging for the sale of the property and any additional fees that may apply.

Legal fees. We advise that you use a lawyer to oversea the sale of your property. Make sure that you know what their fees are before enlisting their help.

Taxes. There are a couple of taxes that you should be aware of in Spain when selling your property. Capital gains tax and Plusvalia are the main ones. Your lawyer will advice you on how much these are likely to be.


You may be wondering how can I sell my home in Spain when I live elsewhere. The answer to this is simple. We offer a key holding service. All keys are stored in a secure location. Whenever a property viewing takes place a Pardalis Estates qualified member of staff will always accompany the clients / collaborating agencies on the viewing. The property will always be left as we found it.


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